Welcome to the official website of Miracle by DAS! I started MBD in 2002 as a 7th grader. The idea for the business was birthed out of my love for art and the growing requests from family and friends to do artwork for them. Time is money and I couldn't keep doing work for free, so I figured that starting a business would help me to at least break even. The business started off solely as a t-shirt design company. In high school, I decided to incorporate computer-aided graphics and wall murals to the list of services. As I grew older, my art became less meaningful to me and I started losing interest in the work I was doing. But MBD became a part of me - less of a business and more of a conduit for me to carry out my life's purpose, so I couldn't just let it go. Suitably, the transformation of MBD has been a reflection of my personal growth and more refined understanding of my passion. In college, my artwork became more culturally relevant. Since graduate school, I have married art with my passion in education and my background in engineering. My hope is that this website serves as an expression of my purpose, a portfolio of some of my work, and a resource to parents and educators who would like to learn more about integrating art, education, and engineering.

Black Gems in STEM Workbook



Art is defined as "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". I have been expressing myself through art since I was a little girl. My art has been a reflection of my growth.


I love learning and teaching. I spent 9 years post high-school as a civil engineering student. During that time, I took many courses, carried out research, worked for various tutoring and test prep companies, and taught undergraduate courses. I also taught as an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University for several years. I am currently teaching middle school math and serving as a FutureCity mentor and MathCounts coach for the DMV NSBE Jr. chapter.


A civil engineer is one who is involved with the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of both the natural and built environment. I am a civil engineer, but I dabble into other types of engineering as well.

"We create our future, by well improving present opportunities: however few and small they are."

-Lewis Latimer