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Black Gems in STEM Lesson Plan: Lewis Latimer

May 21, 2018

We have completed the first of several lesson plans that pertain to the Black Gems in STEM workbook!


Before delving into the lesson plan, be sure to read the passage on Lewis Latimer starting on page 26, answer the questions and writing prompt, and do the activities. Even if your students have already read the section on Lewis Latimer, it will be helpful for them to go back and review. 

In the spirit of Lewis Latimer's contributions as an inventor, especially as they pertain to light bulbs, this lesson sets out to achieve three objectives. Students will:

  1. learn how light bulbs work

  2. gain a better understanding of the concept of electricity

  3. explore various ways to power a light bulb.


Download the lesson plan here.


Mini-Project #1 Demonstration Video


Mini-Project #2 Demonstration Video



To learn more about the workbook, visit www.miraclebydas.com/blackgemsinstem and visit the online store, www.miraclebydas.com/shop, to purchase!

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